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How to Matter Podcast

HTM 065 – Gossiping Is The Perfect Pastime

June 4th, 2016 by Dr. Gary Crow


In episode 65 of How To Matter, the topic is gossip. I have always thought about gossip as a slightly to seriously negative kind of activity. As such, gossip is something to avoid, I thought. I was listening to a podcast that changed my perspective, completely changed my mind. In this episode I share what I discovered and posit a tip you may find helpful as you continue gossiping along with the rest of us.

HTM: where To Matter makes a difference & To Make A Difference matters.

Each episode shares interpersonal and other life tips you may find useful as you pursue making a difference with people at home, at work, and wherever making a difference matters.

HTM episodes are posted frequently and are only as long as the discussion calls for. The tips in each episode likely do not qualify as food for thought but do serve as a little interpersonal snack you may find helpful as you strive to matter, as you actively pursue making a difference with people who make a difference to you.

If you want to suggest a topic or concern for focus in a future episode of How To Matter or wish to get in touch for another reason, simply e-mail I am Dr. Gary Crow and am always happy to hear from HTM listeners.

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